Why InterTech?

InterTech Environmental & Engineering, LLC (InterTech) offers comprehensive regulatory permitting and compliance services and provides innovative and practical solutions to expedite local, state, and federal permitting for a variety of mining, energy, land use, development, and industrial projects.

  • Surface

    InterTech is dedicated to affordably help industry maintain their commitment to environmental stewardship. From the initial acquisition of a property through the energy development to the reclamation and closure, InterTech has the personnel and experience to timely and efficiently complete each phase.






    InterTech’s professional services enable clients to comply with Federal and State Water Quality Regulations and to understand the resource. As the demand increases on water resources, Baseline Water Quality (BWQ) studies and management objectives emerge, InterTech has the extensive background and technological forethought to help industry evaluate and stay in compliance.


    With the recent changes in regulations and the forecast for additional changes in the future, air is rapidly becoming a significant economic aspect of energy development. InterTech has the knowledgeable staff to assist clients in evaluating and meeting their Federal and State air requirements.




  • Basins

    We are located all over the Rocky Mountains.  Want to know more about the basins that we operate in?



    Interactive Map

    Check out our interactive map to learn more about our office locations and get a better look at the range of our operations.



    InterTech’s scientists work closely with clients to develop efficient, cost-effective solutions for a broad range of surface and subsurface geoscience, soils and hydrology needs.






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